Wine Bar...

by - 1/29/2017 01:12:00 p. m.

Wine Bar....

Runic Design: Medieval Skybox House V1 [Furnished]@SaNaRae

IDEZA - Edwings Bar@The Chapter Four February
IDEZA - Tube Wall Light@The Chapter Four February
IDEZA - Copper Basket@The Chapter Four February
IDEZA - Liege Light@The Chapter Four February
IDEZA - Prism Table@The Chapter Four February
VIBES - Coffee Pub - 7.Coffee Maker
VIBES - Coffee Pub - 8.Coffee Bean keeper
VIBES - Coffee Pub - 9.Mini Stage
Runic Design: Bjorn Rug Brown
.peaches. Seed of Inspiration - Wesley's  Wonderful Wands Decor@Gacha Garden
[NC] - Royal Glass & Dish Set
[NC] - World Globe
220ML - Ruivont Wine [Pack]
220ML - Ruivont Wine [Wine Case]
220ML - Ruivont Wine [Bottle w/ Stopper]
220ML - Stopper Window [ Brown - Full Stopper ]
220ML - Stopper Window [ Brown - Half Stopper ]
220ML - Stopper Window [ Brown - Empty ]
AsteroidBox. Apothecary Drawers - Empty // Black@SaNaRae
[Copper Mill] Amsterdam Shelf  Dark Wood@SaNaRae
BIGBULLY Victorian Wireframe Lamp - Black@Draftsman
BIGBULLY Victorian Wireframe Chair - Black@Draftsman
BIGBULLY Victorian Wireframe Side Table - Black@Draftsman
[Cb] Armilary Sphere
[Cb] Window and Bed Frame Clutter

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