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quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2018

POST🔥 #1311 | NOMAD | taikou | Nutmeg | Shiny Shabby | Uber | {BE}


NOMAD // Auto Repair Shop
NOMAD // Workout Tires (Seat)
NOMAD // Old Folding Chair

taikou / kyoto road (3way) @Kustom9 New!
taikou / kyoto road (straight) @Kustom9 New!
taikou / square manhole (B) @Kustom9 New!
taikou / circle manhole (B) @Kustom9 New!
taikou / floor rounded wide (B) @Kustom9 New!

{BE} :Buildings of the Meiji Period
{BE} Gofuku Shop Sign

ChinaTown[wet type]v1.0 @Cosmopolitan New!

Nutmeg. City Bench ADULT

DRD - The Pack Rat - Red - Drivable Car @Uber New!
DRD - The Pack Rat - Black - Static Car @Uber New!

{BE} Vintage Sign *Oil* @Shiny Shabby New!
{BE} Vintage Sign *Tire* @Shiny Shabby New!
{BE} Rooftop Sign @Shiny Shabby New!
{BE} Leather Armchair @Shiny Shabby New!
{BE} Garage cabinet @Shiny Shabby New!

ionic : Japanese Road sign
ionic : Tokyo Traffic Light
ionic :  Traffic Cones
ionic : Plant in a pot

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